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Romania and The European Union

The grace period of integration into the European Union certainly ended.
The first negative sign of this, was poorly disguised refusal of Schengen members to accept our inner circle.
The first positive sign was when the call became a prerequisite, at least in the German view, the project of taxation was addressed to Romania, too. To join the Schengen area, have been necessary conditions to be border security, and not only fulfill the serious charges involved. True, many of the necessary funds were provided by the European Union, but no national contribution is not negligible. At least at the level of national folklore, Romanian expenses for this step follows closely the effect of strategic privatizations, that preceded admission to the EU. Whatever the truth figures, the fact is that admission to the EU was possible due to favourable
economic and political context, with more resources indulgence, while accepting the Schengen area was and is conditioned not only meet certain technical criteria. The Schengen members considered that the technical condition is ensured by the smooth functioning of state institutions, dedicated to justice and home affairs. In other words, it’s not enough to have the latest technology for passport control and supervision of border strip, no matter where you move it, if
well-trained staff is underpaid and legal prohibitions are avoided by the lack of cohesion and coordination of legal proceedings. In other words, you can be sure that a policeman, a publican
or an official involved in the system, which is paid about 400 euros a month, will have the power and sense of duty to resist the temptation to pocket at least 4,000 euros daily. And not only he, but also who controls it. In fact, we are at this point, when we say that the honeymoon is over. It ended when they began to absorb European funding programs, programs that involves a severe cash flow monitoring and securities. Although the absorption was the lowest in the EU history,
we refer to the absorption by other states, the scandals threatens to become the most clamoroase. Only money from the Operational Programme Human Resources Development (HRD) is already an issue, which threatens domestic peace and external credibility. About the transport infrastructure is not intended to remember because is better not to talk about the rope in the hanged’s house.
This issue about the real entry into the European Union integration in economic systems, the EU’s financial, is the factor that forces us to a severe examination of the facts.
Would be in the nature of things that we want the benefits and ignore obligations, standards and duties imposed by a de facto EU membership.
Would be in the nature of things if we did not find in a context of historical development and a stage where the rules of survival have changed states. At least two concepts have changed – the sovereignty and the national economy. If we do not like this change, we should take urgent action to either love it or to exit the system, assuming all the consequences of this decision. Yet, it is obvious that the situation is the citizen who won the lottery an elephant, but he lives in an apartment and has a minimum wage. It seems that our acceptance in the European Union, a
political and diplomatic success, creates us more problems than solves it.
Without exaggerating anything, I think, we are again in the formula Maiorescu, form without substance; we are a member of the European Union, but yet is only a formal matter, as long as
we are not able to fulfill our obligations.
Beyond the letter of the European Treaty are realities that support this treaty – the economic reality, social reality, the rule of law and its institutions.
As long as failures are not only an argument in the internal political struggle and not for reasons of social and political mobilization to achieve real reforms that bring us to a relationship between form and substance acceptable.

The Punctul critic Journal no. 02 (6) /2012: Romania and The European Uniion

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